On Episode 1359… The boys go deep down the Senate Sextape brown rabbit-hole, talk 'Vikingism' and serial killers, fat passengers cleaning up on Southwest, chairs on set, cetaceans, Liv Morgan’s mugshot and MUCH more… Timestamps:

  • ([00:00:00]) Intro

  • ([00:03:50]) Update: Hottest listener competition – Join in on the fun: [email protected]

  • Send In The Car! – 2 Factor

  • ([00:06:31]) Accused Washington serial killer lured 4 recently rich victims to their deaths with promise of buried gold in the woods

  • ([00:14:24]) Fun Fact: The four kings represented in a deck of cards

  • ([00:15:28]) It’s time to get glowing fish all over cities!

  • ([00:16:45]) Southwest airlines will give you a whole row for free if you’re obese under their 'customer of size' policy

  • ([00:25:29]) Extremely rare dolphin ‘with thumbs’ photographed off coast of Greece

  • ([00:33:50]) Louisiana 'Vikingism' sex cult with woman, 'three husbands' busted for holding fourth partner captive as sex slave, forcing her to denounce Christianity, and offering a puppy as a ritual sacrifice “to the Gods”

  • ([00:43:22]) U.S. Senate staffer Aidan Maese-Czeropski fired after sex tape filmed in hearing room leaks

  • ([00:54:38]) 'Your energy dips the minute you sit down': Bradley Cooper says he doesn't allow chairs on his movie sets sparking fierce backlash

  • ([00:57:35]) Checking in on the live chat – join us live weekdays [7:30] ET

  • ([00:59:17]) Liv Morgan mugshot

  • ([00:59:52]) Thank you for the support and HAGFD!

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