Three Factor!

  • ([00:08:51][00:09:49]) Musk almost got away with it in Texas

  • ([00:09:50][00:19:06]) The Satanic Temple to launch ‘After School Satan Club’ at Memphis, Tennessee elementary school

  • ([00:20:39][00:28:55]) 2 men charged in ‘killing spree’ of over 3,000 birds, including bald eagles, in Montana

  • ([00:31:27][00:34:08]) Eagle part uses

  • ([00:34:09][00:42:20]) Tesla recalls 2M vehicles, nearly all vehicles sold in US, over autopilot system defects

  • ([00:42:21][00:51:32]) New audio recordings and text messages revealed in Jonathan Majors Trial: “I’m a great man!…doing great things for my culture and the world’

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