About Our show...

We are a 30-ish minute daily news podcast focused on bringing you a more lighthearted and funny way to get your daily news. We focus on US news, but  venture out when there are major international developments. We are relatively unbiased. Just take a look at our reviews, we get called snowflakes by the right and fascists by the left.

We have welcomed on plenty of high-profile guests from all over the spectrum. Politicans, Academics, Scientists, down to your Average Joe. We bring it all. 

Some major guests we’ve had on recently include the son of the President of the United States, Donald Trump Jr. (twice actually); Jo Jorgensen, 2020 presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party; Andrew Yang, 2020 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, and future mayor of New York City; John Mcafee, famous for the antivirus software sharing his name and his antics with governments around the world; Richard Grenell; former US Ambassador to Germany and current Acting Director of National Intelligence; Avi Loeb, Israel-American theoretical physicist and Professor of Science at Harvard University;  and many many others. 

Wednesdays are dedicated to the most fucked up stories our listeners can find and submit. Fridays are dedicated to the wonderful men and women of the great State of Florida

About us...

We’re your average, aging, overweight, middle-age men talking about what’s in todays headlines. Nothing more, nothing less. You could probably overhear anything said on this podcast at your local pub.

 We have Mark, in addition to being a host on Hard Factor, he owns and operates a “shelter” for local stray cats. To date he has collected over 150 cats in his 2-bedroom apartment. 

 Next up is Pat, he is a former Red Army Lieutenant turned Riff Raff impersonator. 

 Will, a former heavyweight champion and current record holder for Nevada’s strongest base.

Finally we have Wes, wedding photographer.