Bad news for music lovers as the famed Bonnaroo music festival has been cancelled due to the horrible weather that region has suffered ([00:21:45]). A school board in VA gets duped by one of the oldest and most classic pranks in the book ([00:49:45]) This, and much more on today’s episode of Hard Factor…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time, w/ Will

([00:08:40])  – Holidays – Save Japan’s Dolphins Day
([00:13:50]) – Today in History – Germany Invaded Poland, ANZUS Pact Signed, Remains Of Titanic Discovered

([00:15:40]) – #3 – Mike Richards has been fired all together from Jeopardy
([00:17:05]) – #2 – Dog crates left at Kabul airport have social media in a frenzy & update of number of Americans still in Afghanistan

([00:21:45]) – #1 – Bonnaroo music festival has officially been cancelled & Pat gives us an inside scoop on what it might have been like to attend

([00:24:05]) – Surprise additional Cream of The Crop, tune in to find out what it is!

([00:26:50]) – The lawyer for 17 defendants in the Capitol riots case, John Pierce, is in fact a conman & Pat tells us exactly what’s going on with him. Also is Madison Cawthorne threatening a new Civil War in his speech in North Carolina?

TikTok International Moment, w/Wes

([00:39:15]) – Ireland/UK – Giant & horny house spider invasion

([00:42:50]) – Russia – 5 year old girl is bitten by a venomous snake at petting zoo

([00:44:30]) – Vancouver B.C. – Man angry about the mask policy decides to urinate all over the counter of a local Dairy Queen and is caught on camera in the act

([00:49:45]) – Schoolboard in Henrico county VA gets duped with a classic prank that would make Bart Simpson proud

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