On today’s episode of Hard Factor…AI being used to resurrect the dead, Marvel drops Jonathan Majors like he drops his fists on his girlfriend’s heads, a Pennsylvania woman is in jail forever for trying to burn her ex wife's family alive, Mayer Eric Adams is just as smart as a beauty queen contestant & Much much more! 


  • Three Factor!

  • ([00:04:01]) Colorado armed robbers' getaway car stolen by another crook mid-heist in 'ironic twist,' police say

  • ([00:12:30]) Marvel drops Jonathan Majors after he is found guilty of harassing and assaulting ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari

  • ([00:21:26]) Pennsylvania woman arrested after allegedly hiring hitman to set fire to home where her estranged wife was staying

  • ([00:31:36]) Big Dil Update

  • ([00:32:58]) Pope Francis approves Catholic blessings for same-sex couples, but not for marriage – rituals can’t resemble marriage for blessing to be granted

  • ([00:40:28]) 'Digital afterlife': Chinese mourners use AI to digitally resurrect the dead

  • ([00:48:29]) Big Dil Update 2.0

  • It’s Getting Crazy

  • ([00:51:04]) Texas governor signs bill allowing police to arrest migrants entering US illegally

  • ([00:51:51]) ACLU to represent NRA in Supreme Court appeal against New York finance office

  • ([00:53:01]) Mayor Eric Adams on why New York City is the greatest of all time

  • ([00:57:21]) Thank you for the endless support and HAGFD!

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