Minecraft Twitcher Ranboo crashed Shopify over the weekend when he announced to his millions of followers that his new merch was for sale, causing a mad dash to buy the crap. Volkswagen announced it will no longer produce its beloved currywurst sausage to the shegin of everyone. The Taliban is not allowing flights to take off from Afghanistan and the fate of our allies still trapped there remains in question.

Cup Of Coffee In The Big Time

([00:09:30]) – Fun Fact Of The Day

([00:10:50]) – Holidays

([00:15:45]) – Today in History

([00:17:40]) – Honorable Mentions, Shang Chi & College Football

([00:20:20]) – #3 – New Zealand politician interrupted on a zoom call by son who had to show her a carrot shaped like a dick and balls

([00:21:55]) – #2 – RIP Willard Scott, the longtime Today Show weatherman and original Ronald McDonald, passed away Saturday surrounded by family.

([00:23:50]) – #1 – Minecraft Twitch star “Ranboo” causes Shopify website to crash after announcing his shitty merch was finally on sale

TikTok International Moment

([00:32:10]) – UK – Man in the UK arrested for always trying to steal Viagra from local pharmacy

([00:35:40]) – Germany – Volkswagen announced it will no longer make its beloved currywurst sausages due to the high carbon output it takes to make them

([00:39:20]) – UK – Banksy’s website was hacked and some idiot paid 335,000 pounds for an NFT that wasn’t real.

([00:46:30]) – The Taliban is not allowing flights to take off from Mazar-i-Sharif airport, many flights which reportedly have our Afghan allies on board. Pat also fills us in on what is happening in the Panjshir area where members of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan said they captured 1,000 Taliban, or did they…

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