([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup Of Coffee In The Big Time

([00:04:37]) – Fun Fact Of The Day

([00:06:30]) – Holidays

([00:08:42]) – Today in History

([00:10:15]) – Honorable Mentions, Cat ringbearer and Bald Bezos invests in anti aging startup

([00:14:50]) – #3 – Accusations against Ron Jeremy that were unsealed from Grand Jury victim testimony are horrific

([00:17:40]) – #2 – Tom Selleck caused quite the stir on twitter on Labor Day with both the left and right really airing it out online over him

([00:21:55]) – #1 – RIP to Michael Williams

TikTok International Moment

([00:25:58]) – In Israel, the first ever successful conjoined twins of the head surgery was executed, and both 1 year old girls are healthy and expected to live long separate lives

([00:28:41]) – Classes have resumed in Kabul and the Taliban has sent images of the class where the men and women sit on opposite sides separated by a sheet

([00:30:45]) – Six terrorists escaped from a prison in Israel probably because the prison blueprints can be found online

([00:36:19]) – An ex executive of Walmart and probably billionaire has decided his next project is to build the perfect city stealing the best parts of worldly culture and architecture in the middle of the desert in the US and all he needs is 400 billion dollars in investments to get that going.

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