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  • ([00:00:00]) Teasers!
  • Weekend Recap:
  • ([00:03:44]) Tow truck drivers are trash
  • ([00:06:50]) Happy Anniversary to the Smith’s!
  • ([00:07:48]) Soft Cam keeping Wes on his toes
  • ([00:09:16]) Tow truck drivers are trash (Vol. 2)
  • ([00:11:17]) India: In shocking move, high court rules that a husband may rape his wife so long as she is over the age of 15
  • ([00:18:03]) Tow truck drivers are trash (Vol. 3)
  • ([00:18:46]) ‘She cheated with a little kid’: ‘Embarrassed’ and ‘angry’ fiancé of Madison Bergmann, teacher busted for ‘making out’ with 5th-grader, says wedding is off
  • ([00:26:21]) 31-year-old millionaire fakes being 13 year-old orphan to trick family and school, she was bullied for looking in her 30s
  • ([00:35:05]) Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘black book’ with 221 additional high-profile names to be sold to secret bidder
  • ([00:36:00]) Turns out there’s a total of 12 Boeing Whistleblowers…who are in danger
  • ([00:36:09]) Israel/Palestine protests are getting WILD
  • ([00:38:07]) California school district superintendent fired after allegedly investigating students, threatening to ban them from graduation ceremonies for ‘inadequately applauding’ her daughter at a banquet

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