On today’s episode……No whites allowed at Boston mayor’s Christmas party, Tesla’s robot butlers are getting close, Biden impeachment progresses, creative criminals & school shooter hoaxes

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  • ([00:03:59]) Shout out to these two for submitting photos for the hive five

  • ([00:05:10]) HELP US MAKE CONTACT: Anthony Lessa, 23, from Pittsburgh was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication after ‘sexually molesting manatee statue’ at a Florida restaurant – Turns out that’s not true and he might have a case for being smeared nationally.

  • Three Factor!

  • ([00:07:31]) Boston Mayor Michelle Wu plans under fire for ‘no whites’ Christmas party for city’s ‘Electeds of Color’

  • Politics

  • ([00:18:23]) House republicans vote to formally authorize Biden impeachment inquiry as Republicans rally behind investigation

  • ([00:22:59]) Hunter Biden defies House Republicans’ subpoena for closed-door testimony about business affairs, demanding public hearing at the Capitol

  • Tech

  • ([00:25:06]) Tesla unveils Optimus Gen 2: ‘A leap forward in robotics’

  • ([00:28:46]) Tesla Cybertruck saved by Ford pick-up after getting stuck on small hill while off-roading

  • ([00:29:47]) Insane images from NASA’s NEOWISE, the remarkable infrared space telescope

  • ([00:31:32]) ‘WEAR THE BUILT’: Microsoft Excel Championship recap

  • ([00:36:55]) Checking in on the live chat

  • ([00:39:23]) Police in Florida say they arrested an 11-year-old who reported a fake school shooting because he ‘wanted to go home early’

  • ([00:44:36]) Draymond Green suspended indefinitely following altercation with Jusuf Nurkic

  • ([00:46:22]) 2 men convicted of stealing $2,095 of stuff from Kohl’s argued for lesser charges because there was a sale and they had coupons

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