On today’s episode… a legal oddity where a Portland, Oregon man was killed by a former tenant, legally, on his own property ([00:25:42]), nerd billionaire bomb maker wants to sell exploding VR headsets that will kill you if you die in-game ([00:38:35]), and MUCH more…

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([00:01:50]) – Pat’s back and his voice is extremely sultry

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:04:45]) – Political Jokes of the Day

([00:06:35]) – Houston Astros Parade Cat Fight

([00:07:52]) – Chris Evans is selected Sexiest Man Alive

([00:11:00]) – Probably Rich People won the Biggest Lottery of All Time

([00:12:33]) – French Bicycle Hearses are a new Trend in Europe

Cream of the Crop

([00:16:16]) – Donald Trump is Teasing another Presidential Run

Legal Corner

([00:25:42]) – Portland Landlord killed by Former Tenant with Sword, who faced NO CHARGES…

Real Virtual Reality Deaths?!

([00:38:35]) – Nerdy Oculus Billionaire designs VR headsets that can Kill You

What is this, Space??

([00:50:55]) – Latest UFO videos that may look like movies?

([00:54:50]) – Space Loving Elon suffer 40K Recall on Tesla Power Steering Bug

([00:56:05]) – Space-Age Looking Qatar Official Makes Ominous statement about Gays on Eve of World Cup

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