The Australian government is implementing a mandatory app on citizens’ phones that fracks their camera and location at all times to make sure they’re staying home due to Covid protocols ([00:10:30]), China is banning all effeminate men from TV ([00:35:48]), a woman who tried to reduce her breast size was shocked to learn they just grew right back ([00:25:18]), and listener voicemails ([00:49:56]) to cap off the week for Hard Factor…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time w/ Will

([00:05:58]) – September 3 Holidays

([00:08:15]) – Today in History: September 3

([00:10:30]) – Honorable Mention: Australia Goes Full Big Brother

([00:14:25]) – #3 – The Slate: College Football is Back (and other football, as well)

([00:17:55]) – #2 – Joe Manchin’s Newest WSJ Op-Ed

([00:21:10]) – #1 – Lil Nas X Release “pregnancy” photos for Montero album release

([00:25:18]) – Wes tells us about how you can’t keep a good rack of boobs down – literally, a woman tried to get hers reduced and they grew right back

TikTok International Moment w/ Pat

([00:35:48]) – China is outlawing effeminate men on TV

([00:39:33]) – Florida restaurant owner posts sign for Biden voters to Stay Out – but word is they have GREAT Cubans

([00:43:34]) – Polish MMA women use Dildo to spice up pre-fight photo-op

([00:49:56]) – Mark takes us through 5-star reviews and listener voicemails

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