The US Representative of Oklahoma’s 2nd district with two combined first names and three combined mma wins Markwayne Mullin took matters into his own hands and headed up his own personal rescue mission in Afghanistan. He’s been gone awhile but apparently is okay and is coming home. The Texas abortion law is now active as of September 1st and it is the strictest laws on abortion yet at no abortions after six weeks. Also Jeffrey Toobin was causing quite the stir just being on tv as is former Hard Factor guest Yuri of Kazakhstan who formerly was married to a doll and is now dating an ashtray.

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time, w/ Pat

([00:05:35])  – Holidays – Blueberry Day, No Patricks Day
([00:06:34]) – Today in History – The Great Fire of London, Carry a Big Stick

([00:08:00]) – #4 – The Rasmussen Report citing Biden should resign and Better with Biden battling each other
([00:14:37]) – #3 – Texas abortion law, the strictest in the US comes into effect

([00:19:20]) – #2 – Jeffrey “Lubin” Toobin trended for being on CNN covering the Texas abortion law

([00:24:20]) – #1 – Joe Rogan has contracted covid and is taking all sorts of medicine including at least one controversial one

([00:31:34]) – Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin took matters into his own hands and headed a secret rescue mission in Afghanistan

TikTok International Moment, w/Mark

([00:49:05]) – Yuri Tolochko former Hard Factor interviewee and man who married his sex doll is now dating an ash tray

([00:52:20]) – UK government veterinarians euthanized beloved alpaca Geronimo despite public outcry

([00:55:43]) – Germany’s central bank is getting flooded with flooded money

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