ESPN aired a High School Football game with a fake school playing in it ([00:19:17]), while a terrifying sting of penis related incidents gripped the nation, including one man who removed his own penis during a police chase ([00:50:15]). This, and much more on today’s episode of Hard Factor…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time, w/ Will

([00:05:46])  – Holidays – Bacon and Whiskey Day, Lawyer Talk
([00:07:25]) – Today in History – Jack the Ripper, Honolulu, and General Sherman

([00:11:16]) – #3 – Weather: South Lake Tahoe evacuated due to record setting fires in California, and Hurricane Ida Damage Report
([00:15:14]) – #2 – Taliban owned Blackhawk helicopters and other newly acquired military gear are being put to use for public executions, while the USA withdraws all troops from Afghanistan

([00:19:17]) – #1 – Bishop Sycamore is a fake high school that somehow got a football game aired on ESPN

([00:26:13]) – The Story of MGD and the Tennessee River – Wes takes us to the homeless camps near Knoxville for a violent crime that luckily got foiled by some dog shit and good samaritans

TikTok International Moment, w/Pat

([00:36:11]) – Russia – Sushi Restaurant Bullied into Removing Interracial Ad

([00:41:20]) – Brazil – Organized Criminals Using Human Shields on their Vehicles

([00:43:48]) – China – the CCP is Limiting Video Game Time to Just 3 Hours a Week for All Children

([00:50:15]) – Lightning Round of Penis Incidents: Each one crazier than the last, starting with dildos on roofs, and ending with actual penises being removed… a shocking report from Mark.

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