On today’s episode, The air quality is bad [00:12:22]); President Biden had some all time gaffes ([00:19:22]); A new prison break and manhunt in Virginia ([00:23:42]); No more skirts in private schools? ([00:35:50]); British paratrooper orgies ([00:45:00]) and much more!

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:15])  – Fun Fact: Humans shed 200 million skin cells an hour

([00:06:15])  – Charlie Sheen okay with daughter on OnlyFans now

([00:08:37])  – Amber Heard seen shopping at TJ Maxx

([00:10:17])  – Fitzpatrick wins the US Open and Charles Barkley says he’d kill a relative for LIV money

([00:12:22]) – The latest air quality index report says that air pollution takes off two years of life

([00:14:59]) – The Director of the WHO allegedly is telling people that he thinks coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab

([00:19:22]) – Joe Bide gaffes: Bicycle fall and speech boof

([00:23:42]) – Cream of the Crop: Another prison break and manhunt. This time four prisoners in VA escaped

The Kids Aren’t Alright

([00:32:10]) – A gang of teenagers on scooters terrorized a district

([00:35:50]) – 4th District Court of Appeals voted that forced skirts in private school is no bueno

Tik Tok International Moment

([00:45:00]) – NATO scandal as hundreds of paratroopers mostly British have been having orgies

([00:51:15]) – A dog turned on a stove and burnt his house down

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