A history of Hawaii, RIP ‘Moon Knight’ star Gaspard Ulliel, Carhartt & Starbucks facing boycotts over vaccine protocol, N95 masks are coming from the government, fake SCOTUS trend and controversy created by NPR, UK and Spain are dropping all Covid restrictions, rundown of President Biden’s press conference ([00:21:05]), Oakland School district being plagued by teachers and students boycotting in person learning, huge Maine Coon cat in Russia ([00:52:25]), Russian man creates giant turd out of snow, Japanese government adds a few punctuation marks for people to use and the ultimate gaming bed is unveiled.

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:04:00]) – Fun Fact: It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow

([00:04:50]) – Holidays: National Bill Cosby Sweater Day, National Cheese Lover’s Day, Women’s Healthy Weight Awareness Day

([00:08:40]) – This Day in History: Inauguration Day. 1778 James Cook landed on Kauai island and was swiftly told to leave by locals

([00:11:00]) – Mentions – RIP “Moon Night” Star, Gaspard Ulliel who died in a skiing accident.

([00:11:40]) – Carhartt and Starbucks and other large companies facing boycotts over their vaccine policies

([00:12:55]) – 400 Million N95 masks will soon be available to you via our government.

([00:16:18]) – #3 – Fake SCOTUS Gorsuch controversy & trend created by NPR

([00:19:45]) – #2 – The UK and Spain are dropping ALL Covid restrictions as the beach season nears and Boris Johnson looks to distract from “Party Gate”

([00:21:05]) – #1 – A full rundown of President Biden’s second full press conference on U.S. soil since becoming President

([00:35:22]) Soft Corner – Students & teachers are boycotting in-person learning over Covid protocols in Oakland, CA, and it has school officials scrambling to meet the demands of teenagers and grade school children.

TikTok International Moment

([00:52:25]) – Russia – A 2 Year Old Maine Coon is the largest 2 year old cat in the world and is a sight for the eyes

([00:56:15]) – Russia – A man creates a giant turd sculpture out of snow near a burial site and was promptly arrested

([00:59:01]) – Japan – The Japanese government is now allowing the use of question marks and exclamation marks in punctuation!?

([01:01:17]) – Japan – A new “ultimate gaming bed” is unveiled and it’s wildly unimpressive

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