On todays Hard Factor News….Key West, FL vandal caught cause he’s cheap, Kodak Black NHL game twerking video lights up the internet, Matt Gaetz & Prince Andrew Updates, Taco Bell is selling insanely expensive chicken wings ([00:25:50]), Mexican cartels are using drones to drop bombs on rivals, UK surgeon who was branding his patients new livers ([00:40:10]), Illinois elementary school parents do not want Satanic Temple meeting on their property, Kazakhstan violence worsens, Indian man loves the vaccine shots a little too much, Western Australia Premiere puts out one of the most offensive videos of all time ([01:07:55])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:09:50]) – Fun Fact: Surveillance Conducted From 400 Feet And Above Does Not Require A Warrant

([00:11:40]) – Holidays: National Gluten Free Day, National Rubber Ducky Day, National Public Broadcasting Day

([00:15:05]) – This Day in History: 2021 President Trump Becomes First President To Be Impeached Twice & 1968 Johnny Cash Recorded Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison

([00:16:05]) – Story Update – Key West Vandal Identified By Bartender Because Suspect Did Not Tip Him

([00:17:48]) – RIP Ronnie Spector, Lead Singer Of The Ronettes

([00:20:45]) – Kodak Black Video – Caught Twerking At NHL Game In Suite

([00:25:50]) – Taco Bell’s Chicken Wings Are Outrageously Expensive

([00:28:35]) – Matt Gaetz Update

([00:31:50]) – Prince Andrew Will Face Civil Trial For Sex Crimes

([00:34:35]) – VIDEO Mexican Cartels Are Now Using Drones To Drop Bombs On Rivals

([00:40:10]) – UK Surgeon Caught After It Was Discovered He Was Branding Livers With His Initials During Liver Transplants He Was Performing

([00:51:30]) – Illinois Elementary School Parents Are Upset About The Satanic Temple Holding Meetings At Their Kids School

TikTok International Moment

([00:58:20]) – Kazakhstan – Violent Protests Are Literally Too Bloody To Show You & People Are Falling Out Of Windows Due To Russia’s Help

([01:03:00]) – India – One Man Has Received 12 Vaccine Shots In Last 11 Months

([01:07:55]) – Australia – Western Australia Premiere Puts Out Highly Offensive Video Targeting Aboroginal Peoples

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