On today’s show we talk about Dave Chapelle’s latest stand up special and the controversy with the LGBTQ community; the UEFA Nations League semi finals and finals as well as NCAAF and NFL matchups, NASA testing asteroid planetary defense on an asteroid; A man surviving a nine story fall onto a car; the worst spider bite of all time; a man in Brazil with two of the worst hobbies imaginable; Mike Busey crapping on the Hollywood sign and a grown man who refuses to come out of a tree he climbed which you can listen to here ([00:31:45])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:06:27]) – Fun Fact – The human liver can completely regenerate itself within a few weeks

([00:08:20]) – Holidays: International Lesbian Day, National Children’s Day, National Perogie Day

([00:10:11]) – This Day in History: 1480 the Great Stand on the Ugra River, 1769 Captain James Cook landed in New Zealand on Poverty Bay, 2001 George W Bush establishes the Office of Homeland Security

([00:13:08]) – #3 – Sports: France vs Spain in the UEFA Nations League final and lots of good football matchups this weekend college and pro

([00:16:36]) – #2 – Dave Chapelle in some hot water with the LQBTQ community for his latest stand up comedy special on Netflix

([00:22:12]) – #1 – Space Mountain: NASA will shoot a rocket at an asteroid to test planetary defense strategy

([00:27:40]) – A man fell nine stories onto a car and survived in Jersey City, New Jersey

([00:31:45]) – In Queens a 44 year old man has been staying in a tree for multiple days after getting in a fight with his mother and now SWAT is trying to get him down

TikTok International Moment

([00:38:28]) –  A man in Brazil’s home was raided for child porn and the police also found 8,000 pieces of nazi memorabilia. They are calling him Adolf Diddler

([00:42:44]) – A woman in Virginia got bitten by a brown recluse spider while on a river trip and her lip got swollen about 15 times the size of her lip and she nearly died

([00:47:41]) – Florida Man Mike Busey rented a helicopter in LA so that he could take a dump on the Hollywood sign

([00:57:20]) – Wes takes us through a great round of voice mails and reviews

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