Katie Couric is spilling the tea on RBG’s 2016 takes on Colin Kaepernick and kneeling during the national anthem ahead of her new book she’s selling. Some sad news where a very young child shot his mother because his father left his gun in his Paw Patrol Bag. Also sadly it has been confirmed that cartel leaders, police chiefs and allegedly the army in Mexico teamed up to capture and kill 43 students back in 2014. A new product that looks like it might not work is being marketed as an anti cocaine spray. In quite possibly the greatest video ever elite North Korean soldiers put on a live display for Kim Jung Un ([00:51:34])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:06:00]) – Fun Fact – 197 out of the 330 million Americans have heard of podcasts 

([00:07:20]) – Holidays: Be Bald Day, National FRUMP Day, Spider Man Day and World Sight Day

([00:09:10]) – This Day in History: 1066 the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Invasion; 1322 Robert the Bruce of Scotland defeated Edward II of England

([00:14:06]) – Trending Mentions: NHL season started; There was a horrible bow and arrow attack in Norway where five people were killed; Adam Schefter in trouble from NFL emails to WFT execs too

([00:19:41]) – #3 – William Shatner went to outer space in a Blue Origin spacecraft, becoming the oldest man in space ever

([00:22:14]) – #2 – Kevin James trended after a fake graphic of the most searched for pornhub topics by state listed him as Tennessee’s top search 

([00:23:55]) – Cream of the Crop: Katie Couric admits she withheld Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s comments about Colin Kaepernick and kneeling during the national anthem in 2016

([00:32:50]) – Child shoots and kills his Mother by accident after father leaves gun in Paw Patrol bag

([00:35:25]) – Brett Favre and the Million Dollar Men might owe the state of Mississippi millions of dollars

TikTok International Moment

([00:40:35]) – Newly released text messages prove that the cartel the police and the army in Mexico teamed up to capture and murder 43 students in Mexico in 2014

([00:45:50]) – An Australian man stormed an animal shelter at gunpoint to retrieve his cat

([00:51:34]) – North Korean special forces put on the demonstration of a lifetime, breaking block and brick over their heads as a starter

([01:02:59]) – A company comes up with anti coke spray and markets to pub owners 

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