A ring of UK car thieves in Yorkshire have been using a shortwave radio device disguised in a gameboy to steal more Mitsubishi Outlander’s than anyone would ever need or want

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:03:40]) – Fun Fact About the Invention of Boxing

([00:04:54]) – Holidays: Indigenous Peoples Day

([00:07:42]) – This Day in History: Mao Zedong Everything

([00:13:30]) – Trending Mentions: Taiwan Ain’t Playing

([00:16:37]) – #3 – Football, American and Otherwise

([00:22:30]) – #2 – Civil War ?

([00:26:10]) – #1 – Fury Wilder 3

TikTok International Moment

([00:32:30]) – Bosnia – Wife Nags Husband into Inventing Spinning House

([00:36:19]) – Russia – Falling Set Piece Kills Actor

([00:39:10]) – Canada – Falling Meteorite Almost Kills Woman

([00:43:38]) – UK – Thieves Steal Cars with Game Boy

([00:49:29]) – Raising Cains Sending Corporate Employees to Work Fryers

([00:54:55]) – Chic-Fil-A Accused of Price Gouging

([00:58:17]) – An Amazon Scammer Faces 20 Years

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