On episode 1297 of Hard Factor – Missing fighter jets, naked women pranksters, 1000 condoms, art is a sham, the ultimate Buffalo Bills fan, UK bans pitbulls AGAIN, a man sues a hospital for trauma after watching his wife’s C Section & More!

  • ([00:00:30]) The wheel master is BACK!

  • ([00:01:59]) IMPORTANT: Please auto-download ALL the shows

  • ([00:02:59]) PFT joining us tomorrow 

  • ([00:03:31]) Wes is on the verge of a heat stroke…AND he’s ’ing himself! 

  • ([00:06:50]) Trending: iOS 17, Threads, Iran $6 billion, Italian blue crabs, and bad internet 

  • ([00:10:33]) Missing F-35 fighter jet FOUND after intense search about 75 miles north of where the pilot ejected!

  • ([00:18:06]) Kouri Richins, Utah grief book author who allegedly killed hubby, accused of witness tampering

  • ([00:28:43]) Naked Spanish woman storms restaurant

  • ([00:33:15]) Danish artist who submitted empty frames as artwork told to repay $84,000 in funding

  • ([00:33:24]) Women and their pranks

  • ([00:40:16]) U.K. prime minister vows to ban American bully XL dogs after fatal attack: “Danger to our communities”

  • ([00:50:20]) Police find naked man on weed, LSD, and cocaine stuck in a hole on site of Bills new stadium

  • ([00:57:21]) Canada woman charged nearly $500 by Amazon for over 1,000 condoms that she ‘didn’t order’

  • ([01:01:04]) Australia man tried to sue a hospital for nearly $1 billion after he was ‘encouraged’ to watch his wife’s C-section

  • ([01:04:35]) The wheel

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