On today’s show…..self driving taxis causing jams in Austin, first non kicker woman in a NCAA football game, Senator Bob Menendez took hilarious amount of bribes, AIDS memorial with a terrible design, Ohio contractor steals clients house for partying & more!

  • ([00:01:11]) Special guest?

  • ([00:07:31]) Closing in on 10k on YouTube: youtube.com/hardfactornews

  • ([00:09:31]) Cruise robotaxis cause major traffic jam in Austin

  • ([00:15:49]) ‘Senator Gold Bars’: Sen. Bob Menendez and wife indicted on bribery charges; DOJ seizes gold bars and $500,000

  • ([00:29:59]) ‘LET’S F**KING GO!!’: Taylor Swift and Sports

  • ([00:31:19]) California residents slam proposed AIDS Memorial sculpture for looking like ‘human backside’

  • ([00:41:49]) Ohio Man hired to renovate couple’s home arrested after locking owners out, moved himself in: police

  • ([00:56:34]) Herd of Sheep Eat 220lbs of Cannabis in Greece

  • ([01:02:51]) Haley Van Voorhis becomes first woman non-kicker to play in NCAA football game

  • ([01:12:48]) Keeping it more loose and free flowing on the shows!

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