Killer beers and sword wielding homeless men have taken over Southern California, and MUCH more on episode 1211…

  • [00:00] Intro

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  • Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

  • [06:18] Fun Fact: Louisiana

  • [08:33] Ban on outdoor pot smoking in Amsterdam’s Red Light District to begin this month

  • [12:10] Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway sells entire stake in TSMC

  • [15:05] Dianne Feinstein says she hasn't 'been gone' despite lengthy absence

  • [16:22] Ron DeSantis signs bill legalizing anti-LGBTQ+ medical discrimination

  • [18:52] Canadian anti-capitalist cafe with 'pay what you can' model shutting down after one year due to lack of capital

  • [22:55] Folarin Balogun picks USMNT over England: FIFA approves forward's one-time switch to USA from Three Lions

  • Cream of the Crop

  • [27:00] ChatGPT creator urges Senate for AI regulation

  • [35:05] Greenchef – Go to use code hardfactor60 to get 60% off + free shipping

  • [37:35] Multiple hospitalized after 'hundreds of bees' descend on Los Angeles neighborhood

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  • [49:02] Students sue University of Wyoming after trans woman let in to sorority

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  • Swords Corner

  • [01:04:37] Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is out on Switch and people once again want to know how to get the master sword

  • [01:05:05] Skyrim player makes ‘unbelievably powerful sword’

  • [01:06:41] Jewel thieves get short jail stint after museum heist worth over $100 million

  • [01:07:39] Man sentenced over wine shop sword robbery

  • [01:08:04] Montana man sword attack

  • [01:08:29] Florida man doing Florida man things

  • [01:09:23] Net gun: Man shot by police after advancing on Oxford officer with sword

  • [01:10:41] California sword attack ends with homeless man's hand chopped off

  • [01:14:25] The Wheel, Hive Five reminders, How to support the show

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