On Episode 1298… Longtime friend and Executive VP of Football Operations for the Hard Factor Podcast PFT Commenter joins for the news, an NFL quiz, and a little light roasting… Also Germany proves it’s the kinkiest country on earth with a giant pup convention, and MUCH more… Timestamps:

([00:00:00]) Intro

([00:01:15]) PFT…AND Pat in the market for a new car

([00:03:32]) ‘Hang in there’: PFT’s WILD 20 minute cab ride before the show

([00:10:36]) Trending: Government shutdown, Boobert first date, and Fetterman

([00:12:28]) Man who saw AND heard F-35 crash in South Carolina talks to the press

([00:17:49]) Patriots fan dies after getting punched ‘in the face’ by Dolphins supporter at Gillette Stadium

([00:28:28]) ‘The most perverted country in the world’: Hundreds of people who identify as dogs gather in Germany + Dalmatian freak

([00:34:04]) Woman walks like a dog and pees everywhere

([00:34:51]) ‘These dogs were rescued out of a lake’: PFT’s dog shelter story

([00:40:03]) PFT’s take on pitbulls

([00:40:41]) Marilyn Manson to pay fines and face 20 hours of community service for blowing nose and spitting a “big lougee” on concert camerawoman

([00:51:10]) Puck Talk: Mike Babcock resigns as Blue Jackets coach amid investigation involving players’ photos

([00:59:45]) ‘Blackmail email’ GAME : PFT’s football knowledge challenged…with incriminating pictures shown for wrong answers

([01:11:36]) ‘Luckiest kid in the world’: PFT’s ‘friendship’ kindergarten letter to Will revealed!

([01:14:24]) The boys meeting up in Chicago to drive PFT’s El Camino

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