On today’s show … .Britney gets a wellness check after playing with knives, Republican primary debate recap, Satanist pedophiles busted in NYC, Hyundai recall, British Airlines has the night of his life & Cher hires kidnappers for her son and much more!

  • ([00:00:30]) Intro

  • ([00:04:21]) Britney Spears video of her dancing with knives prompts police wellness check

  • ([00:05:28]) Join us next Friday night: patreon.com/hardfactor

  • ([00:06:16]) NEXT MERCH-A-THON IS COMING – Wednesday October 25th! Get ready

  • ([00:07:51]) Saw X and Fast X

  • ([00:09:04]) Update: Wes’ whole house and car are f-ked

  • Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

  • ([00:13:21]) RIP Dumbledore: Sir Michael Gambon dies aged 82

  • ([00:13:49]) Powerball jackpot nears $1 billion after no winners

  • ([00:14:04]) Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill star in first trailer for spy thriller ‘Argylle’

  • ([00:14:58]) Hyundai and Kia recall nearly 3.4 million vehicles due to fire risk and urge owners to park outdoors

  • ([00:18:47]) Joke of the day – The American Government

  • ([00:21:15]) Republican Debate recap

  • ([00:34:20]) Hope fades for India’s Historic moon lander after it fails to ‘wake up’ following lunar night, China claims they faked the entire landing

  • Cream of the Crop

  • ([00:36:11]) How a New York City gun arrest uncovered a huge pedophile Satanic cult

  • ([00:46:28]) FBI Informant cashing in $100k and Will’s love for Satanists

  • ([00:49:07]) Married British Airways pilot fired after snorting a line of cocaine off topless woman’s chest before trying to fly plane

  • ([00:59:14]) Cher accused of ‘hiring four men to kidnap’ her son Elijah Blue Allman

  • The Hive Five

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