On episode 1296 of Hard Factor – The boys talk: Russell Brand allegations ([00:10:21]), Lauren Boebert theater update ([00:23:05]) and some extreme discipline at public schools like tazing band leaders, principles paddling students and much much more… timestamps:

  • ([00:00:00]) – This ENTIRE episode is the Coffee ANDD the Cream

  • ([00:01:57]) – NFL Weekend: Comeback central! 

  • ([00:05:26]) – Hugh Jackman ??

  • ([00:07:23]) – IMPORTANT: Hard Factor is making moves

  • ([00:08:05]) – Is Travis Kelce banging Taylor Swift?

  • ([00:10:21]) – Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse by four women – allegations he denies


  • ([00:23:05]) – Update: Lauren ‘Boobert’ apologizes for ‘theater incident’ as more videos come out

  • ([00:35:42]) – High school band director tased by cops at a football game after he refused orders to stop his musicians from playing


  • ([00:44:53]) – Corporal punishment alive and well in Texas: Principal arrested, charged with assault for ‘hitting student with a wooden paddle’


  • ([00:50:43]) – Florida man arrested for torching car belonging to his cousin — who’s also his girlfriend


  • ([00:57:09]) – Denver homeless camp has decked-out open-air bar that also rents out tents for prostitution



  • ([01:03:09]) – REMINDER: Get the auto-downloads going and let’s get the mustache bleached youtube.com/hardfactornews 

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