On today’s show…..driverless cars are a menace in San Francisco, China is taking back all their Pandas, 300lb pig terrorizes Texas family, a man uses a Cessna to stalk a woman & Commander Biden’s bite count goes up again!

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  • Send In The Car!

  • ([00:06:59]) China taking ALL pandas in the US back, ending 50 years of animal diplomacy

  • ([00:20:06]) BIRDDOGS are going away!

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  • ([00:20:50]) San Francisco woman trapped under Cruise self-driving vehicle after being struck in hit-and-run accident

  • ([00:28:26]) Top notch fact check and Pod PSA!

  • ([00:30:07]) Pilot arrested after allegedly stalking New York woman from his plane for years

  • ([00:35:47]) ‘Shouldn’t have to live like this’: Texas family terrorized by out-of-control 300-pound pig as it attacks and invades their home

  • ([00:39:35]) Commander Biden caught on camera biting White House groundskeeper, days before it bit Secret Service agent

  • ([00:43:21]) Shoutouts to the HIVE!

  • ([00:45:29]) Rhode Island man charged with violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act after shooting nearly 80 hawks to ‘protect squirrels on his property’

  • ([00:51:52]) Postal worker rescues beagle bitten by venomous snake, tells Family on Doorbell Camera

  • ([00:57:41]) Speakership update: Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan and Interim speaker

  • ([00:59:22]) The wheel

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