On Episode 1294 the boys break down the viral videos of Lauren Boebert getting kicked out of Beetlejuice the Musical for vaping in a provocative dress, the “alien corpses” presented to Mexican Parliament this week, and MUCH More… Timestamps:

([00:00:00]) Intro

([00:03:59]) Will has completed the circuit! 

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Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:08:24]) ‘Mark looks like an informant in an 80’s movie’

([00:09:10]) Escaped Pennsylvania killer Danilo Cavalcante taken into custody after he was subdued by a police dog

([00:10:10]) Who’s taller?: Putin and Kim Jong Un’s heights revealed

([00:12:19]) Inflation ticks up to 3.7%—Biggest monthly jump since January

([00:12:33]) Subpoenaed: Three Congressional Committees now investigating California’s 'dangerous' Reedley Bio Lab

([00:13:21]) The REAL reason Wes hates Putin EXPOSED!

([00:16:51]) Canada PM Trudeau dismisses talk of quitting, acknowledges public 'grumbling'

([00:17:14]) Mexican UFO Hearing: 'Alien corpses' shown to Congress as UFO expert forced to testify under oath

([00:24:14]) One of Romney's goals during final year in office: raise the federal minimum wage

Cream of the Crop – ([00:27:29]) Lauren ‘Boobert’ escorted out of Beetlejuice show in Denver for 'causing a disturbance'

([00:35:01]) Seattle officer recorded joking about woman's death, saying 'she had limited value'

([00:41:32]) Imposter does catwalk in trash bag at New York Fashion Week and no one notices until security intervenes

([00:46:13]) Detectives urge sex party guests to contact police as man is charged with deliberately transmitting HIV

([00:53:01]) Call girl who secretly filmed her client and sent a video of the couple having sex to his fiancée faces court

([01:04:08]) The wheel

([01:04:40]) Blippi Deep dive was INSANE! Check it out: patreon.com/hardfactor

([01:05:15]) ANNOUNCEMENT: Live tapings will be an hour earlier, pre-game with Hard Factor!

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