Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

  • ([00:05:19][00:09:03]) Powerball jackpot climbs to $1.2 billion ahead of Wednesday’s drawing

  • ([00:09:04][00:12:18]) Kevin McCarthy ousted as Speaker of the House in historic first

  • ([00:12:19][00:18:28]) Kidnapping suspect Craig Ross arrested after missing 9-year-old Charlotte Sena found in kitchen cabinet of his camper

  • ([00:18:29][00:23:17]) Nationwide emergency alert: FEMA to test system on ALL phones, TVs and radios at the same time

Cream of the Crop

  • ([00:35:02][00:36:25]) Marine Corps to pick up robotic exoskeleton straight out of ‘Aliens’

  • ([00:36:26][00:38:50]) Man hospitalized after tent catches fire, ammunition going off delays firefighters’ response

  • ([00:38:51][00:49:17]) ‘It was only a little gun’: Philadelphia mom embarrasses armed biker after he shatters her back windshield

  • ([00:49:18][01:06:10]) Changing the game: P&G’s Charmin changes tear lines from straight to wavy on toilet paper

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