On Episode 1307… the boys discuss Jewish advocacy groups in Canada demanding feds to unseal the list of Nazis that were taken in by Canada; Abercrombie & Fitche’s former CEO’s heinous sexual assault allegations; mother concierge services at college, and MUCH More. Timestamps:

  • ([00:00:00]) – Intro

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  • ([00:04:19]) – LET’S GOO! NEXT MERCH-A-THON Wednesday October 25th – Get ready!

  • ([00:05:41]) – Will has a whole pumpkin patch now!

  • ([00:07:53]) – The government is barely holding on

Send In The Car!

  • ([00:08:53]) – Missouri woman sets up ‘mothering concierge’ service for college students that will see moms wash their clothes and deliver home-cooked meals

  • ([00:19:37]) – Abercrombie & Fitch ex-CEO Mike Jeffries accused of exploiting men for sex through organized operation

  • ([00:36:38]) – YouTube comments: Pre-game with Hard Factor!

  • ([00:40:06]) – ‘We cannot move forward’: Jewish advocacy groups say Feds must unseal ‘secret’ record on Nazis in Canada

  • ([00:45:36]) – Brazilian mom dies after eating chocolate spiked with pesticides given to her by palm reader who ‘predicted’ her death

  • ([00:55:02]) – The most hilarious terrorist?: New Jersey man crashes into police station blaring Guns N’ Roses, he was charged with terrorism

  • ([00:59:14]) – The wheel

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