On episode #998 of Hard Factor… Florida Men are aging extremely rapidly, warning of the US Alien vs. Chinese Dragon War ([00:07:00]), and going especially crazy in Brevard County…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

([00:01:30]) – Hard Factor Jersey Shore Tour w/ Pup Punk +  Patreon.com/HardFactor Hype

Cream of the Crop of Florida (Top 5 Florida Man Stories of the Week)

([00:07:00]) – Florida Man Storms Patrick Space Force Base to Warn of Alien vs. Dragon War

([00:19:25]) – The video of Publix Pitchfork Lady (Lisa Ann) finally drops!

([00:31:30]) – Brevard County Man Jacks Off While Roaming the Streets

([00:47:10]) – Precious Metals/Settle Down Macho Man Corner – Florida Men Steal Precious Metals and Decapitate Parakeets

([00:54:20]) – Florida Man get DUI on Electric Scooter after Driving it Around Wal-Mart Drinking Vodka

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