On today’s Hard Factor – A plethora of very special shout outs throughout the show, plus Demi Lovato has changed her pronouns again, insane video from China as a giant TV nearly kills boy band member, Nancy Pelosi and her breasts arrive in Taiwan and China is not happy ([00:26:35]), Sesame street characters snubbing black children is causing a stir ([00:38:50]), grandmas dying with was to have a giant penis statue on her grave ([00:55:10]), a worthless guard dog in Brazil & Polish larpers mocking America’s birthday

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:12:10]) – Joke Of The Day 

([00:14:50]) – Brad Pitt’s “Bullet Train” getting trashed by critics and Warner Bros. pulls “Bat Girl” from production

([00:16:05]) – Demi Lovato has changed her pronouns again, and SHE still looks great!

([00:17:30]) – Errol Musk shits on Elon during Australian talk show

([00:20:50]) – Man plays slots in flooding casino in Vegas

([00:21:35]) – Insane video from China of huge TV falling on boy band

([00:23:55]) – Sports Update: Juan Soto trade shenanigans & Tiger Woods turned down almost a billion to join LIV golf

Cream of the Crop

([00:26:35]) – Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and what China is doing about it

([00:38:50]) – Sesame Street theme park mascots are allegedly racist and ignoring black children

TikTok International Moment

([00:55:10]) – Mexico – Grandma’s dying wish is to have a giant penis sculpture placed on her grave

([01:01:45]) – Brazil – Guard dog fails to protect drugs during bust, instead laying down with drug dealers when police burst through

([01:12:15]) – Polish larpers mock Americans in fake fourth of July celebration

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