Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

  • ([00:04:06][00:08:04]) Jackson squared just dropped

  • ([00:08:05][00:16:00]) Football is BACK: Week 1 recap + Coach Derek Jenks curses out player in viral video

  • ([00:16:01][00:19:32]) 83-year-old Nancy Pelosi says she’ll seek House reelection in 2024

  • ([00:19:33][00:20:30]) Ex-Finnish PM Sanna Marin quitting politics after ‘hot girl’ summer, joins Tony Blair’s think tank

  • ([00:20:21][00:20:44]) Appeals Court rules White House overstepped 1st Amendment on social media

  • ([00:20:45][00:22:31]) Morocco’s earthquake tragedy: mourning begins as rescue continues with death toll over 2,000

  • ([00:22:32][00:28:04]) Jason Momoa is a ‘Queer-coded’ disaster in ‘Fast X’ as Dante

  • ([00:28:05][00:30:00]) ‘Girth-enhancing death’: Fake plastic surgeon jailed after killing man with penis enlargement surgery

Cream of the Crop

  • ([00:30:01][00:32:33]) Woman starts wearing ‘terrible colonial wigs’ to work as protest for office banning her pink hair

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  • ([00:36:38][00:45:20]) Man beat ex-girlfriend in bed after text taunting his ‘tiny’ manhood

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  • ([00:47:53][00:54:24]) Couple demands a refund after they were seated next to a drooling and farting dog on a 13-hour flight

  • ([00:54:25][00:58:22]) Delta passenger’s dog who went missing at Atlanta airport found safe after 3 weeks

  • ([00:58:23][01:09:04]) Hidden camera allegedly found in bathroom onboard American Airlines flight