On Episode 1306… the boys break down the $50K lawsuit against Disney over their violent water-slide, and MUCH More. Timestamps:

  • ([00:00:00]) Intro
  • ([00:02:35]) The Great Wall of China: So many generations of hate!
  • ([00:05:09]) Join us this Friday at 9PM EST: patreon.com/hardfactor
  • ([00:06:25]) Jason Biggs ruined Pat’s weekend
  • ([00:10:15]) ‘Toy Story Funday Football’ NFL broadcast has social media ‘Buzz’-ing
  • ([00:11:50]) LETSS GOOOO!
  • Send In The Car!
  • ([00:14:21]) Woman suing Walt Disney World for $50K over ‘injurious wedgie’ on Typhoon Lagoon water slide
  • ([00:30:26]) Tech workers are paying up to $700 a month for tiny bed ‘pods’ in San Francisco
  • ([00:41:58]) Tupac Shakur: Duane Davis charged with 1996 murder of rapper
  • ([00:46:50]) Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk sign contracts for undisputed fight
  • ([00:48:22]) The Las Vegas Sphere stuns the world with U2 weekend debut
  • ([00:54:52]) France sees big spike in bedbugs, as Paris prepares to host the Olympics next year
  • ([00:59:31]) ‘Iron Guts 2.0’: Canadian man eats 50 Carolina reaper peppers in record-breaking 6 minutes and then went on to eat 85 more for a total of 135
  • ([01:06:22]) Ethiopia tribe’s most desired men are the fattest ones
  • ([01:07:44]) How to support the show! store.hardfactor.com

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