On today’s episode… China is back at it in the virus creation game with the langya henipavirus ([00:22:15]), Trump is all over the news for the FBI raid and pleading the 5th ([00:09:00]), the GOP can’t stop getting shit-filled envelopes from one angry Ohio man ([00:55:10]), and much more…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:05]) – Fun Fact: Humpback Whales try to save victims from Orcas

([00:06:50]) – Joke of the Day: Penguin Blew a Seal + Words with ASS in ‘em

([00:09:00]) – Trump pleads the 5th one day after Mar-o-Lago FBI Raid

([00:12:30]) – Marshawn Lynch DUI, Frank Gore Knockout, and RIP Ben Stelter

([00:22:15]) – NEW Deadly Virus Dropping in China (again)

Cream of the Crop

([00:27:45]) – New DocuSeries on the Hammer Family is Dropping September 2

Family Feud

([00:33:45]) – Man ruins his mother’s funeral trying to run over his sister

TikTok International Moment

([00:43:30]) – The Seas – Blue Crabs are taking over the Mediterranean Sea and the rest of the world’s oceans

([00:45:23]) – Chile – the Giant Magellan telescope is 4 times stronger than the James Webb and will be house on earth

([00:47:10]) – England – Video Anthropologist under fire for submitting a thesis on “Wanking It”

([00:54:00]) – Cuba – the Oil fire started by Lightning is finally extinguished after 5 days

Poop Again!

([00:55:10]) – Elderly Ohio Man has has Enough of the GOP, so he started mailing them his shit

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