([00:00:00][00:00:21]) Intro

([00:00:22][00:01:08]) Pre-game with Hard Factor: Join us live on YouTube, now an hour earlier: youtube.com/hardfactornews

([00:01:09][00:03:50]) IMPORTANT: Hard Factor is making moves

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Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:06:51][00:08:12]) Joke of the day

([00:08:13][00:16:33]) Britney Spears ‘has been dating convicted felon ex-housekeeper’ after Sam Asghari Divorce

([00:16:34][00:20:30]) California landlords throw party to celebrate end of COVID-era evictions ban, party ends in all out brawl after Berkeley tenants show up

([00:20:31][00:23:19]) Texas man dies from flesh-eating bacteria after consuming raw oysters at Galveston restaurant

([00:23:20][00:26:26]) Syphilis cases across Texas rise by 22% as treatment grows scarce

([00:26:27][00:30:09]) United Auto Workers strike: Negotiators rush to avoid historic walkout

([00:30:10][00:33:01]) Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges in special counsel investigation

Cream of the Crop

([00:33:02][00:39:14]) Caesars admits it was hacked in second major Las Vegas casino breach: Company ‘paid $15M ransom’

([00:41:28][00:51:40]) Supreme Court pauses order curbing Biden administration efforts to block social media posts

The Hive Five

([00:51:41][00:57:13]) Apple podcast reviews

([00:57:14][01:12:18]) Voicemails: Biggest waste of money, the cat distribution system, and the baby life

([01:12:19][01:23:59]) Insane comments of the week: ‘bring em to Texas’ 

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