On today’s episode… Alex Jones attorneys accidentally sent years and years of text message and financial records to the lawyers for the Sandy Hook families, ugh oh ([00:24:04]). A man set an entire forest in Utah on fire after trying to kill a spider with a lighter (while high), the earth is spinning faster than it should be, and a town in South Korea make a TV commercial too hot for TV commercial to promote their garlic crop. 

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps 

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:08:07]) – Joke of the day – Chest Hair

([00:11:04]) – NFL Challenges It’s Own Deshaun Watson Decision

([00:16:22]) – Indiana Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski dies in car accident

([00:20:32]) – Hard hitting stories on Tacos  Cream of the Crop ([00:24:04]) – Alex Jones “Attorneys Messed Up” Accidentally Leak All His Records 

([00:36:24]) – Stoned Man Burns Down Forrest Attempting to Kill Spider with Lighter TikTok International Moment(

[00:44:19]) – South Korea – Garlic Farmers in South Korea Upset Many with Sexy Garlic Ad 

([00:57:26]) – The World is Spinning Faster Than Ever 

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