6/27/22: G7 Members Enjoy the Smell of Each Other’s Farts and Take Aim at China 

The elite of the elite, the Group of 7 is meeting together and asking what the hell are we going to do to counter China? ([00:24:26]). A guy got the most insulting gift for not missing a shift in 27 years ([00:38:27]). What happened in Brazil in 1986 that had hundreds of witnesses scared of UFOs? ([01:05:40]). 

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:24]) – Fun Fact: US has invaded Canada several times including the war of 1812 ([00:09:35]) – Teens are getting hospitalized from not being able to handle high potency marijunaa 

([00:13:22]) – Some abortion news from businesses and protests 

([00:16:42]) – Apple is releasing Iphone 14s and M3 chipped macs soon

([00:20:40]) – Top Gun Maverick speeds past a billion worldwide 

([00:24:26]) – Cream of the Crop: The G7 is popping off again and targeting China

Have it Your Way 

([00:38:27]) – A man who didn’t miss a single shift in 27 years at Burger King gets awful appreciation gift 

TikTok International Moment (Which One’s Worse??)

([00:49:35]) – Zero star hotel in Switzerland sucks

([00:53:25]) – Costco lithium battery death outdoor umbrellas being recalled for starting fires

Space is the Place 

([01:05:40]) – Massive Brazilian UFO event in Sao Paulo from 1986 is alarming 

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