On today’s Hard Factor……Bad day for the Baltimore Ravens as they lost some good men unexpectedly and far too early ([00:10:25]), more tobacco bans coming from teh government, Dan Snyder of the Washington Commanders is a Dirty Dog, Jason Ravensborg finally ousted, Austrian man gets super gonorrhea from a Cambodian whore ([00:31:00]), breathing from your ass is possible and mites are having orgies on our faces while we sleep ([00:46:40])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:30]) – Fun Fact: Terrifying space photo

([00:06:15]) – Lil TJay out of surgery after being shot

([00:09:35]) – Afghanistan earthquake kills 1000 people

([00:10:25]) – Baltimore Ravens bad news:  Pass rusher Jaylon Ferguson dead at 26 & Tony Saragusa is dead at 55

([00:14:30]) – NFL: Roger Goodell dodged questions about banning Dave Portnoy from Super Bowl & Dan Snyder is a DIRTY DOG!!

([00:19:05]) – More tobacco bans, this time they are coming for Juul

([00:25:10]) – Dirty AG Jason Ravensborg is finally impeached and removed from office

TikTok International Moment

([00:31:00]) – Austrian man gets Super Gonorrhea from Cambodian whore

([00:35:55]) – Japanese scientists tested that you can in fact breath through your ass

([00:40:35]) – UK Man pulled over and was so drunk he couldn’t do the DUI test and had a beer on his dash

Face Fucking

([00:46:40]) – There are tiny mites fucking on your face at night and you didnt even know it

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