On today’s episode, Tom Hanks yells at innocent fan after his wife gets bulldozed during paparazzi stampede, FIFA announces its list of US cities that will host the 2026 World Cup, Stephen King tweets about his least favorite jingle and we visit some of our own, woman spits on the corpse of her rival during the funeral, gas station manager costs business $20K by accidentally setting gas for .69 cents, and we finish things off with the HIVE FIVE 

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps 

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time 

([00:08:05]) – Fun Fact: Tom Hanks is obsessed with typewriters 

([00:10:30]) – Jokes of The Day (Dog Themed) 

([00:12:05]) – Stephen King tweet leads to a discussion of the best and worst jingles of all time 

([00:18:45]) – Sports: The U.S. Open is underway and the list of cities that will host the 2026 North America FIFA World Cup have been announced 

([00:24:15]) – Former President Trump is back to tweeting in all CAPS over on Truth Social, and he is demanding EQUAL TIME to tell his side of the story about January 6th 

([00:27:10]) – A new “Father Of The Bride” movie is out and its not getting great reviews so far 

([00:30:40]) – Tom Hanks lashes out at a kid after his wife is knocked over during a mobbing of paparazzi in NYC Killer Stories/Which Ones Worse 

Double Death

([00:38:05]) – Woman spits on the corpse of her rival during funeral 

([00:40:40]) – Man’s family honors deceased man with hidden message on tombstone that has some offended 

Gas Station Price Change Fiasco

([00:47:20]) – Gas station manager accidentally sets gas prices to all time lows, costing gas station $20k in one night 

([01:00:40]) Hive Five (Notes, Questions, Videos, Biden Time, Voicemails & More) 

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