The Middle-East is having a big Pride Month, with Saudi Arabia formally declaring All Rainbows illegal and starting the process of confiscation and destroying them ([00:53:16]) + election, entertainment, financial, team building, and beach news + MUCH More…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

([00:05:00]) – Wes and his new neighbor have a Pit-Bull infestation

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:07:40]) – Fun Fact: All Blue Eyed People Share a Common Ancestor + 4 Year-Old Vasectomies…

([00:10:54]) – RIP Internet Explorer + Stanley Cup Finals Hype

([00:13:22]) – Election Update: Herschel’s other son, Big Wins for the Rs with Mayra Flores and Nancy Mace, Bobert’s Sex Page, and more…

([00:19:30])  – Entertainment Update: Obi-Wan, Amber Turd, Barbie Movie, Bam Missing, Sobriety, Fauci Caught Covid, and Vince McMahon gets EXPOSED

([00:27:50]) – Cream of the Crop: Fed Hikes Interest Rates by Largest % since 1994

TikTok International Moment

([00:40:40]) – Switzerland – Team Building Exercise goes Wrong with 13 Hospitalized after walking Hot Coals

([00:53:16]) – Saudi Arabia – The government is confiscating ALL rainbows in the country and destroying them

Jersey Shore Report

([00:58:29]) – Shocking news out of the shore that TEEN are wanting to congregate… on the Beach in Ocean City! The resident are PISSED!

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