On today’s Hard Factor… Amber Heard’s nightmare in court continues as her late night elevator rendezvous with James Franco is revealed in court as well as audio where she wants her penis sucked ([00:24:10]). Is Lionel Messi coming to the MLS as a player/coach/owner in Miami? ([00:49:24]). What you don’t want a cop to do when you call them to investigate a crime at your house ([00:54:40]). 

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:25]) – A ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘1883’ spinoff, ‘1932’ starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford is coming

([00:08:42]) – MLB pitcher Matt Harvey is suspended 60 games for distributing drugs

([00:11:44]) – Ted Cruz won a Supreme Court case on campaign finance reform

([00:15:44]) – Who Wears the Pants? Democratic PA Senate primary winner John Fetterman suffered a stroke on election day and his wife is stepping in and taking over the campaign

([00:24:10]) – Cream of the Crop: Amber Heard and James Franco elevator to penthouse rendezvous video was released as was a colorful audio clip of Depp and Heard Lightning Round

([00:32:05]) – Garbage trucks are going up in flames in Mesa, Arizona

([00:35:05]) – Johnny Cash is peeing from a water tower in Arkansas

([00:37:30]) – Bad groom Daniel Carney sentenced for sexually assaulting bridesmaid([00:39:41]) – Man in Japan gambles away $360,000 in wrongfully given covid relief funds 

TikTok International Moment

([00:45:10]) – Russia – All 850 McDonald’s are going bye bye in Russia

([00:48:10]) – Ukraine – Ukrainians have completely taken over their north easter city of Kharkiv  and abandoned Mariupol to Russia

([00:49:24]) – Qatar – Lionel Messi currently of PSG was seen with David Beckham and rumors are he may be buying 35% of Miami’s MLS team and becoming a player coach in 2023 Beat Cop

([00:54:40]) – A San Jose police officer took the law and himself into his own hands and jerked off at a victim’s house 

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