On today’s Hard Factor… Canadian Amazon is scrambling to remove “i love cock” clothes for kids ([00:20:56]); The most requested segment in the history of Hard Factor – Which One’s Worse ([00:34:23]); South Koreans are all getting at least 1 year younger ([00:46:30]); Australia’s version of “The Chase” ([00:57:33]);  and Much more…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:04:34]) – Fun Fact: Rory McIlroy’s Dad and Gambling in the British Isles are Awesome

([00:07:35]) – RIP iPods and Seattle Mariners

([00:11:18]) – Crypto Tank Continues with Luna UST and Coinbase Bonks… plus Blackrock

([00:16:39]) – Hertz to rent new GT Mustangs

([00:19:30]) – Mike Tyson to get No Charges for Plane Flight

([00:20:56]) – Cream of the Crop: Canadian Amazon Loves Cock

Which One’s Worse??

([00:34:23]) – South Carolina Murdering boyfirend gets caught having heart attack while digging girlfirend’s grave

([00:37:50]) – Michigan Jeep owner being sued for mechanic killing another mechanic with his car

TikTok International Moment

([00:46:30]) – South Korea – new President Yoon Suk-yeon is going to make everyone at least 1 year younger

([00:51:20]) – Sri Lanka – Economic collapse leads to resigned PM

([00:52:27]) – Russia – Putin skips Hockey Game and looks Blotchy

([00:53:11]) – Mars – NASA found an Alien Door to a Tunnel on Mars

([00:54:00]) – Switzerland – The Large Hadron Collider is Back and Stronger than Ever

The Chase Down Unda

([00:57:33]) – Aussie Man commits coolest crime possible – Sex on the Run.

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