An update on the Waukesha Parade Massacre, The “Black Alien” from France is cutting off his fingers to get claws ([00:32:45]), A woman is thrown out of the hotel she is staying in for leaving a bad review & an armored car spill cash all over a San Diego Highway, creating a free for all amongst motorists ([01:02:50])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:06:15]) – Fun Fact: Busiest Day Of The Year For Plumbers

([00:08:25]) – Holidays: Eat A Cranberry Day & National Cashew Day (Nut Convo)

([00:10:59]) – This Day in History: Not Much, Make Some Today

([00:11:40]) – Trending Mentions: Ahmaud Arbery Closing Arguments, Soccer, Peng Shuai, Lebron James, Ridley Scott & Tiger King Suicide & More

([00:17:25]) – #3 – Nerds Who Are Fine: Patriot Purge & Jerome Powell Is Once Again Federal Reserve Chair

([00:20:25]) – #2 – Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever & Black Friday Deals

([00:24:05]) – #1 – Suspect Identified In Waukesha Parade Massacre

TikTok International Moment

([00:32:45]) – France – “Black Alien” Is Now Cutting Off His Fingers To Complete His Look

([00:41:00]) – UK – Researchers Say Octopus, Crabs & Lobsters Are Sentient & Can Feel Pain

([00:43:30]) – UK – A Famous Train Named “Dick Mabbutt”

([00:46:30]) – A Woman Who Was Thrown Out Of A Hotel While Staying At The Hotel For Leaving A Bad Review

([01:02:50]) – An Armored Car Spills Cash All Over San Diego Highway & People Could Not Help Themselves

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