Over an hour of news stories that will have you asking yourself “what the fuck” every. single. Time.

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:15]) – Fun Fact: Colors Aren’t Real??!

([00:07:49]) – Holidays: Potato Day?!

([00:08:20]) – This Day in History: The US Didn’t Own the Mississippi River??!

([00:09:40]) – Trending Mentions: Bad Weather, Rittenhouse, The Wire, and Who The Hell Is This Debbie Birx Lady?!

([00:14:02]) – #3 – The Mediterranean Sea is Coming to America??!

([00:18:34]) – #2 – Is Dune 2 Going to be Called Dunes?!

([00:20:33]) – #1 – TikTok Star Clearly Murders Wife and Pleads Not Guilty??!

TikTok International Moment

([00:27:57]) – Saudi Arabia – A Giant New Oil Rig Theme Park?!

([00:34:54]) – Japan – Princess Loses Royal Status For Marrying a Schlub??!

([00:43:51]) – 2 Out of 5 Americans Believe in Ghosts?!

WTF Lightning Round

([00:54:30]) – Colorado – Hiker Gets Lost, but Won’t Pick Up Unknown Cell Rescue Calls??!

([00:59:23]) – Wyoming – Dad Tries to Blame DUI on a 4 Year-Old Sitting on His Lap?!

([01:01:53]) – Virginia – Extreme Coupon Fraudster Makes $31M in Fake Coupons??!

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