Today’s Hard Factor starts with the new details about Superman’s son who is starting a relationship with another man in an upcoming comic ([00:14:10]), and winds its way down to new breaking photos of Tom Cruise that show he’s been doing some more Cocktail… SHRIMP, and other fat stuff because he’s looking thiccc ([00:54:00]), and MUCH more…

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:04:10]) – Fun Facts About Lungs

([00:06:59]) – Holidays: Farmers Day

([00:09:09]) – This Day in History: Emperor of the USA

([00:13:55]) – Trending Mentions: Sports and Politics

([00:14:10]) – Cream of the Crop: Superman (of Earth) is now Bi-Sexual

([00:24:36]) – Doral, Florida Has RASH of Sex Teachers, and at Least 1 is Pregnant

TikTok International Moment

([00:37:05]) – Kazakhstan – Rope Jumping Death

([00:41:19]) – Papua New Guinea – 2 Friends Stranded in Boat for a Month

([00:45:40]) – India – Uthra Murder Case: Man Kills Wife with Cobra

([00:54:00]) – Hollywood Update: Fat Tom Cruise, Rotten Tomatoes Critic vs. Audience Scores for “The Closer” and “FAUCI”

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