Colleen Le learned the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished after she volunteered to donate one of her kidneys to her shithead boyfriend because he was on his deathbed. But after surgery he had that new kidney energy and used it to pick up some two kidney’d lady at a bachelor party in Vegas. That story here: ([00:49:13])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:48]) – Fun Fact: Greta Garbo May Have Banged Hitler

([00:08:40]) – Holidays: National Opposite Day, Community Manager Appreciation Day

([00:10:19]) – This Day in History: 1964 – Nike is founded, original name was Blue Ribbon Sports

([00:12:46]) – Trending Mentions: 8500 U.S. Troops Put on “High Alert, ATL DA Gets Special Grand Jury Permission to Investigate Trump

([00:17:34]) – #3 – Woman Lets Winning Lottery Ticket go to Spam Folder

([00:21:46]) – #2 – Cardi B Wins $1.25 million Lawsuit Against Youtuber

([00:28:16]) – #1 – Joe Biden Calls Peter Doocy a Son of A Bitch on Hotmic

([00:37:32]) – Merrill Lynch Exec Loses Mind on Teen Smoothie Shop Employees

([00:49:13]) – Woman Gets Dumped After Donating Kidney to Boyfriend

TikTok International Moment

([00:59:26]) – Vatican City – Pope Benedict XVI Claims He Had No Idea

([01:04:22]) – Pakistan – Pakistani Pilot Refuses to Fly After Emergency Landing

([01:07:25]) – Ireland – Irishman Takes Dead Uncle to Collect Pension

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