On today’s episode of Hard Factor we talk about a trending clip in which journalist Bari Weiss declares Covid should be over, John Stockton gets his season tickets stripped for not obeying Gonzaga’s mask rules, a Texas woman attempts to purchase a baby at Walmart, HUGE Ukraine update from Will, China is bringing back anal swabs ([00:56:12]), cruise company forces people to deboard in Bahamas, crazy pizza from Iceland & Michigan mom is convinced Furries are taking over the schools ([01:11:50])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:25]) – Fun Fact: San Francisco Fun Facts

([00:10:40]) – Holidays: Beer Can Appreciation Day, National Compliment Day, National Peanut Butter Day

([00:14:07]) – This Day In History – 1935 First Beer In A Can, 1972 Japanese Soldier From WWII Who Had Been Hiding On Guam For 28 Years Is Discovered

([00:18:03]) – Mentions – San Francisco 49ers Beat Green Bay & The “Colorado Fire” In Big Sur California Is Burning

([00:19:20]) – #2A – CLIP Journalist Bari Weiss, Speaking On The Bill Mahr Show, Says It’s Time To End Covid & That It Will Be remembered As A Moral Crime By The Younger Generation

([00:29:07]) – #2B – John Stockton Has His Gonzaga Basketball Season Tickets Revoked For Not Following The Universities Mask Policies

([00:34:17]) – #1 – Buy Buy Baby – A Texas Woman Attempt To Purchase An Infant In A Walmart

([00:44:00]) – Ukraine – Will gives us a huge update on the Ukraine border situation, including where Germany stands, and everything you want to know about that crazy situation.

TikTok International Moment

([00:56:12]) – China – China is bringing back anal swabs for the Olympics

([01:01:33]) – Hong Kong – Cruise ship company liquidates mid cruise and forces passengers to deboard in the Bahamas

([01:06:35]) – Iceland – New pizza to celebrate Farmers Day/Men’s Day/Husband’s Day features a full sheep’s head on top of the pizza

([01:11:50]) – Michigan mom takes podium at school board meeting to address the problem of kids identifying as cats and the schools putting litter boxes in the bathrooms

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