On today’s episode of Hard Factor we discuss all the latest news, including the Peloton fitness brand shutting down production of their workout equipment while the stock dives following a long string of deadly controversies ([00:24:08]). This, and much more…

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:04:00]) – Fun Fact: Where Toasts Began

([00:08:14]) – Holidays: Squirrel Appreciation Day

([00:09:12]) – This Day in History: Louis XVI Beheaded + Eagles

([00:10:17]) – Mentions – Twitter NFT Profile Pics, People Want a New President, and Pope Benedict’s Dirty Past

([00:14:59]) – #3 – M&Ms Change Up Cartoons to Be More Inclusive

([00:18:50]) – #2 – Havana Syndrome is Fake According to the CIA, Who Originally Told Us About Havana Syndrome

([00:24:08]) – #1 – RIP Peloton – The trendy fitness brand is all of a sudden extremely unpopular and shutting down production

([00:33:13]) – Entertainment Update: Louie Anderson in Hospital, King of the Kill and Squid Game Coming Back, and Adam McKay January 6 Project, and A Christmas Story 2

TikTok International Moment

([00:51:29]) – India – Drunk “Sacrificer” accidentally kills the guy holding the goat and not the goat

([00:55:50]) – Florida – Anti-mask woman gets international flight turned around and canceled

([01:00:00]) – Tonga – The new Aquaman survived 27 hours floating after the Tsunami hit

([01:08:22]) – Voicemails and 5-Star Reviews

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