On today’s episode of Hard Factor tennis star Novak Djokovic has been allowed to try and win his 10th Australian Open ([00:13:52]), China created an “artificial sun” inside a laboratory and broke a nuclear fusion record ([00:16:37]), and every great animal story on the planet right now.

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:04:20]) – Fun Fact: 2/22/22

([00:06:50]) – Holidays: Milk Day

([00:11:00]) – This Day in History: Amelia Earhart Pacific Flight

([00:11:45]) – Robert Durst is Dead

([00:12:52]) – AOC Has Covid… Shortly after Partying in Miami

([00:13:52]) – Djokovic Can Play in Australian Open thanks to Judge

([00:16:37]) – #3 – Chinese “Fake Sun” Breaks More Nuclear Fusion Records

([00:19:01]) – #2 – NFL Football and The Snow-Shovelling Wife ([00:21:09])

([00:26:29]) – #1 – Mink Kills Big Snake + “The Sea Dragon”

TikTok International Moment

([00:33:08]) – Australian Bird Album Tops T-Swift on the Charts

([00:38:16]) – Norwegian Military is Begging for Their Used Underwear Back

([00:42:07]) – Spanish Badger Finds Largest Treasure of Roman Coins EVER

Animal Kingdom

([00:47:22]) – Horny Desert Beetles are Having Oral Sex

([00:49:54]) – Ecuador Master Chef Accused of Using Endangered Species as Food

([00:56:05]) – Drunk Pennsylvanians Trap Live Deer in Trunk

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