On today’s Hard Factor Facebook META is taking over Austin, RIP Bob Saget, Kazakhstan protests turn deadly with shoot to kill orders given to military, John Deere unveils its autonomous tractor, skiers in North Carolina are soaked while on chair lift, woman stuffs 13 year old son in trunk to quarantine him, father & son duo taking over onlyfans ([00:50:15]), Quebec figures out how to get people vaccinated, Turkey changes its name, tragedy in Brazil & Connecticut girls high school basketball team shows no mercy ([00:59:00])

([00:00:00]) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

([00:05:20]) – Fun Fact: First Time World His 1 Billion Population

([00:07:30]) – Holidays: National Oysters Rockefeller Day, National Save The Eagles Day

([00:09:25]) – This Day in History: 49 BC Julius Caesar Crosses The Rubicon & 1999 The Sopranos Premiered On HBO

([00:12:30]) – RIP Bob Saget

([00:16:05]) – Facebook META Taking Over Austin

([00:19:30]) – #4 – Kazakhstan Protests Have Turned Very Deadly & Orders Of “Shoot To Kill” Issued

([00:23:00]) – #3 – Moped Driver Killed When He Struck Deer

([00:24:20] – #2 – John Deere Unveils Autonomous Tractor

([00:28:40]) – #1 – Skiers In North Carolina Get Blasted By Geyser After Man Strikes Water & Air Hydrant

([00:37:50]) – Covidiots – Will Takes Us Through A Variety Of Stories Covering People Acting A Fool When It Comes To Covid

([00:39:04]) – Woman Stuffs 13 Year Old Son In Trunk To Quarantine Him While She Went Through Drive Thru Covid Test

([00:42:45]) – Star NHL Forward And Former San Jose Shark Evander Kane placed On Waivers For Breach Of AHL Covid Protocols

TikTok International Moment

([00:48:05]) – Canada – Quebec Figures How To Get People Vaccinated, By Making Liquor Stores and Cannabis Stores Require Vax Cards

([00:50:15]) – UK – Father & Son Duo Taking OnlyFans By Storm

([00:54:20]) – Brazil – Tragic Accident Involving Giant Rock Falling On Tourist Boats

([00:57:15]) – Turkey – Turkey Is Officially Changing Its Name To Turkiye

([00:59:00]) – Connecticut Girls High School Basketball Team Shows No Mercy On Opponent

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